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We offer full service SEO-Friendly web design at affordable prices. Whether you need a basic website design and setup from the beginning or you want to clean up your existing site…we can help. Every customer has unique website needs. At 4Truth, we strive to find out about you and what you need for your website – for your business, church, charity or organization, and create a simple solution that best meets your needs. You provide the text, photos and as many ideas as you want and we’ll provide the design, custom to what works best for you. We also can provide SEO Consulting to assist you further in your website needs.

What’s the recipe for a better website? We’ve identified four key ingredients, and we call these:

The 4 Truths of Web Design

1) Experience: You need it. And we have it. Since 2002, we’ve helped customers balance what they want, what they need, and what they can afford. Put our experience to work for you today!

2) Expert Design: Good design is more than a clean, professional look. So we focus on how your website looks and how it works. The result? Good looks. Optimal functionality. Maximum results!

3) No Surprises: We believe in full disclosure from the beginning. We’ll design your website, help you pick out an amazing WordPress template, customize that WP Template and help you get your site up and running. We can work with clients of nearly any budget from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Frankly, the more you spend, the more you can get and/or the more design, customizations, features and content effort can go into your website, but don’t mistaken think that just because someone charges you a lot, you’ll get a better result than someone who can do the same quality affordably. In addition to working up front and honestly from the beginning with you, we find many people are surprised by the cost to maintain their websites or ask questions to their website designers after the site is live. We want to eliminate these surprises as well and all our hosting plans include a basic level of free support and for a reasonable fee (often less than the price of 1 hr of a website designer), we can offer nearly unlimited monthly updates and blog posts on your behalf to help keep your website updated with fresh images and content. Monthly update plans are unique to each client and will depend on the expected monthly, weekly or daily updates needed. Check out our Nashville based Website Maintenance & Content Management page.

4) Authentic Customer Service: 4Truth is built on Christian principles. We treat each customer like we’d want to be treated. So whether you’re an individual, a small business, or an organization, you can count on attentive “customer care” delivered by experts in all things web.

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Jeff brought wisdom and technology to the creative process of developing the Both Hands website.

We have received endless compliments on our website since Jeff and Mindy began working on it. They have a service attitude and heart for giving back to the community. When we have a challenge and are not sure how to solve it, Jeff usually has 2-3 solutions. The training provided by 4Truth makes it possible for an inexperienced person to become a website manager.

Jeff, Mindy and the 4Truth team are responsive to our needs and willing to work long hours to reach a deadline. Both Hands is incredibly grateful for 4Truth Web Design.

JT Olson
Both Hands Foundation


Jeff Johnson, Mindy Johnson and their team at 4Truth Web Design were the
creative force behind each of our last three websites for our company.
They have continued to assist us in keeping our current site relevant and useful.

Our current website is out of this world! The new site is
just beyond words and glows like a sun amidst the mediocrity
that is the norm for the green industry and helps to set us apart
from the competition. We are getting rave reviews of our new site at

Jeff listened to my basic ideas and took them to a higher plane.
His creativity and his “out of the box” angle on the marketing potential
of the company website are worth every penny.

4Truth Web Design earns their clients trust and loyalty.
They are very client-oriented and offer excellent service.
I am pleased to recommend Jeff Johnson and 4Truth Web Design
to help creatively with your internet presence and online business.

Robert Edwards
Teacup Gardener